Feedback from Brian Hash

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At 8:30 on a Friday night, I ordered a $20 fill up. I was initially told they had no chicken for the order. I asked if they weren’t planning to make any more chicken, and was told no. I realize they stop selling KFC at nine, but it didn’t make sense that they couldn’t make more in a half-hour. So the young, seemingly nervous, and less experienced CSR went to the back. Miraculously, it was decided there was enough chicken to make the order. (Maybe someone sacrificed some they were holding for themselves.?)

They put it together and I left. But when we went to eat it, the chicken was very greasy, the slaw tasted a little odd, and the biscuits weren’t quite done. I’ve had problems with this store before with poor quality food, poor service, and even once was told they couldn’t handle my concern as there was no manager present. I don’t know why this store has such problems. But then I don’t understand why they close the KFC part at 9 while sitting on an interstate either.

If they’re staying open for Taco Bell service, it would seem to make sense to sell chicken as well. But I guess that’s between you and the owners/management. I don’t know if they intentionally did anything to my food or not, but other than the biscuits, it’s easy to think they might have. Either way, I’m really close to giving up on this store. I’m just very disappointed in repetitive problems at this store.

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