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Yes, KFC (Kentucky Fried Chicken) is giving out free stuff for taking their mykfcexperience survey. World’s second largest food chain giant has something for their finger lickin’ good chicken lovers. KFC has 18,875 restaurants across 118 countries worldwide and their chicken empire is expanding vigorously.

The prime focus of any giant chain would be on customer experience and customer satisfaction. That said, KFC also offers their customer coupons and enticing offers on filling up their survey. Why? simple. They get honest responses from their valuable customers which help them to improve.

My KFC Experience Survey

MyKFCExperience: Win Free Coupons

Kentucky Fried Chicken has created a survey portal named MyKFCexperience for their customers. The portal let consumers convey their experience and KFC’s performance through feedback on the survey. Anyone who takes a survey and completes it can get a chance to grab the KFC Go Cup for free after successfully completing the questionnaires.

Enter Survey OR Give Feedback

As I have already said, KFC, like other food giants, understands the importance of user experience. Keeping close eye on what a customer thinks and wants is a great window to new ventures and novelty items, right? Anyway, I would never miss to take up the survey as it offers me good winning chance and the least, I can spread my word how I’d like my chicken to be.

Customer Satisfaction

A Little Bit about Mykfcexperience Survey

First, the survey is pretty much easy and won’t take much time. Simply, visit the site and take the surveys on Second, their ultimate goal is to improvise their services and at the same time, keeping their customer happy with exciting offers and deals.

Generally, they seek this information:

  • The first section asks about food and its quality
  • Next is about the staff service quality and overall restaurant quality.
  • Whether the KFC staff was responsible enough or not and their behavior.
  • Your opinion about cleanliness, security, and payments.
  • They will ask what restaurant other than KFC you pick as an alternative to it with reasons and which thing would make them visit the KFC restaurant again.


How to Take up Mykfcexperience Survey?

Here are the things you will need to fill Customer Satisfaction Survey.

Things You Will Require:

  • A valid KFC restaurant receipt with a survey code printed on it.
  • The receipt should not be more than a week old.
  • A device with internet connectivity to take the survey on.
  • You should be at least 18 years old.
  • You should be able to understand either English or Spanish.

Steps to Take up the KFC Customer Satisfaction Survey on Mykfcexperience

  1. Visit the official website for this survey,
  2. Enter the survey code and the time mentioned on the receipt.
  3. Answer all the question and provide honest feedback as the survey proceeds.
  4. Submit all the answers.
  5. And at the end of the survey, you will need to enter your contact details so that they can contact you.

Moreover, they also let the customers who do not have survey code to take up mykfcexperience customer satisfaction survey. If you have any questions, I would answer them all in the comment section below.

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    • I ate at kfc ne pacific mall the manager get my cel.and he did my survey to get a free coleslaw not knowing that i know about this survey and when i did my survey on my own and gave the code to the manager she said that it takes 15days to valid my survey bec.i tried to get my free kfc gift she said that same device will not allow is it true but i gave a different code bec.i ordered twice so i get a new receipt and tell them how do i get my kfc free gift thats what the mngr.said it takes 15days im so dissappointed for ur promo im so sorry i want to clarify bec.we are avid eater at ur store.thank u

  1. why is it that last week i went to kfc and ordered i 2 piece white meal and it cost 5.00.I went today
    and it cost 7.26. i ordered the same meal both times….thank you

  2. I normally don’t do this but this is the second time in a row this has happened. It was the exact same thing too so I don’t understand how it can happen two times in a row.
    I sent my husband down for two boxes of the four piece chicken strip dinner replacing the potatoes with extra biscuit and no potatoes as I don’t care for the gravy. It’s even on receipt. He got home and opened the box and it was the robotic box meal. Like NO one heard or read the other at all.
    Restaurant G135563. We won’t be going back as there’s too many other places to eat in our little town of Alma Arkansas

  3. We went to KFC today like we have many times but the food wasn’t any good chicken tenders looked like the worst they had you could just barely see the graveywe didn’t like it at all store number g135708

  4. Store G135652 is AWESOME!!!
    Everytime I go there I am well pleased. I usually go for lunch and Brent is there. He is very polite, friendly, and understanding. I try to go during the same time because I know I will get friendly service. I usually order my meal special and it is hot, ready, and right. Overall, I am satisfied with this location and Brent. Thank you KFC!!!

  5. KFC is my favorite fried chicken. Best home and chicken little snacks. Your cole slaw and mashed potatoes and gravy are tops too.

  6. KFC is my favorite fried chicken. Best home and chicken little snacks. Your cole slaw and mashed potatoes and gravy are tops too. after my morning at the gym I pick up a chicken snacker for a pick up.

  7. Umzinto KFC a disaster they advertised free coke with the bucket for R29 bought 3 today the dnt have stock of coke everyday there is different stories on the specials why have the specials if you dnt have stock poor management. Complain about it to many times no feedback. 084 974 9974

    • Very nice to go into a store unofficially and have a great experence. Brittany seemed kinda new. However she rocked it. Also management Jason and Rob very professional. Great job guys store looked graet. See you in the future.

  8. Very nice to go into a store unofficially and have a great experence. Brittany seemed kinda new. However she rocked it. Also management Jason and Rob very professional. Great job guys store looked graet. See you in the future.

  9. I visited the KFC on Panola Rd on last night at 9:41. I tried to order the hot wing combo and was told they were out of that. I tried to order the chicken pot pie and told they were out of that. I tried to order grilled chicken and told they were out of that. I had to settle for the original recipe. I order a sweet tea and unfortunately did not taste it until I had drove off. It was horrible as well as the chicken. The restaurant doesn’t close until 11 but I should get the same customer service as someone that is arriving when the restaurant is opening. Such a horrible experience and customer service.

  10. We have a KFC across the street from us and go there at least a couple of times a month..Everything is delicious. I have not posted anything in the past.

  11. Wow 🙄 KFC Nicholasville Ky is ridiculous. I’m here right now and the manager is walking around just drinking his drink. The drive thru girl just left and her maybe 6-7 yr old son was behind the counter and in kitchen and everything. They are rude to customers, have a buffet but the side look hours old and they won’t keep chicken on the buffet they keep taking all of it for orders and leave the buffet customers waiting on food and the list goes on. Needless to say I won’t be back and I’m pretty sure half the customers in here won’t be from how they’re talking. Absolutely worse customer service ever. Store needs some serious help

  12. The new cookies that you put in the $5 boxes are hard and dry. The warm food does not make them warm while they are in the box. I wish you could go back to the old ones. From now on, I will tell them to take the cookies out and keep them.

  13. Suggestions: Store#J235063
    For speedy process please submit a 4digit code on coupons. KFC use to sale gallons and 1/2 gallons of tea, please reconsider. Futhermore, the survey has a glitch in completion for a free chicken sandwich with a purchase of drink.

  14. I call before I went to the KFC in Fox Run wanted to know if they had grill chicken ready , Ms Sherica said yes but not 6 pieces she than told me to come in 18 min and they would be ready . That’s good customer service when we got to the KFC store the chicken was ready hot & fresh .. She was so nice & what a wonderful personality .. Thank again Ms Sherica KO710551010192607

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